September 7, 2022

Banned Books and the Future of America

Banned books are back in the headlines. It’s not the first instance, nor will it be the last, but this time the heat has turned up in Keller Independent School District outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Historically, banned books hold the connotation of book burning, but Keller Independent School District isn’t resorting to matches.  Instead, they limit access to titles parents and community members deem inappropriate for specific age groups. And of the 40 titles under review, many will be […]
June 29, 2011

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

Two years ago, we met Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour when she was a keynote speaker at the 2009 Executive Women in Goverment Summit and she wowed the audience with her energy, enthusiasm and  accomplishments.  Vernice has since become a good friend and supporter of HBE, helping us find a corporate sponsor for our first “Author Meet & Greet” at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We thought she should write a book about her journey – the first female African-American on Nashville’s […]
June 15, 2011

Michael Sandel in the NY Times

In the fall of 2009, when “JUSTICE: What’s the Right Thing to Do” was first published, we had the opportunity to do four author events with Michael Sandel.   Each event was thought provoking and generated lots of lively discussion among those in attendance. While his classes at Harvard with 1,000 undergraduates in rapt attention are legendary, it was very interesting to read about Prof. Sandel’s successes in Asia — see  Tom Friedman’s Op-Ed in the New York Times.  Wish there was more interest […]