This is a partial testimonial list from Hooks Book Events clients.


Comments from our Clients

Andrew Winston, Author of Green Recovery and Green to Gold: “Hooks Book Events creates really interesting events around ideas and authors. They gather influential groups around the D.C. Area (and beyond) to hear the latest thinking from thought leaders and authors on a huge range of topics. As a writer, I really appreciate the audiences they assemble and the professional approach.”

Apex Home Loans, Craig Strent: “From start to finish, Hooks Book Events did a great job managing our recent events. They helped me source the best book for my audience, coordinated with the author, and then handled all the logistics.  They are knowledgeable and professional and their unique events are a great way to make a splash with your target audience. I am confident recommending their services.”

Armstrong Franklin, Shira Harrington/Managing Director: “I have been absolutely thrilled with the speakers provided by Hooks Book Events! As the program chair for the HR Leadership Forum (HRLF), a membership organization serving HR executives, I have purposed to present a slate of presenters who would inspire and engage these senior level strategists. Both of the authors provided by Perry and Loretta have done just that. In fact, I have received outstanding comments from our members after both recent events including the following:

“Thank you for devoting time to the “L” in HRLF. Bravo!”

“What a program!!! I was very impressed. I dropped out of the HRLF because the programs were not at a level that were beneficial to me. You have definitely made a difference to the organization.”

“I would highly recommend Hooks Book Events to any organization seeking top flight speakers on topics that are timely, strategic and engaging. Your audience will thank you!”

Bob Deans, Co-Author of Clean Energy Common Sense:  “Hooks Book Events is terrific. They did the sales for our launch at the National Press Club and struck just the right tone – businesslike and purposeful, fun and engaged. They took care of the stock, the sales and the break down afterwards. All I did was show up – Hooks Book Events did the rest. When it comes to running a first-rate Washington book event, the folks at Hooks Books are the pros.”

Daniel H. Pink,  Author of Free Agent Nation, A Whole New Mind, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko and DRIVE: “Working with Hooks Book Events has been a joy. Perry and Loretta are passionate book people who are also incredibly savvy about sales and marketing. That’s a rare combination, and it’s why every author can benefit from enlisting their talents. If you’ve got a book to sell, you want them on your team.”

Diane MacEachern, Author of Big Green Purse: “Perry Hooks can’t be beat when you need someone to organize an author event. She’s a real pro at building a crowd, generating publicity, and selling books. I’ve been the beneficiary of her expertise as an author myself. I’ve also seen her prowess at work at SRO events for Nobel Prize winner Muhammed Yunus and mega author Malcolm Gladwell. If you want book sales as well as buzz, look no further than Perry Hooks.”

Dr. Thomas Rid, Author of Cyber War Will Not Take Place: “Thank you again for a great day. I truly enjoyed both events, especially the one at Noblis. Your organization worked like clockwork. Nice. And this is coming from a German! ”

Greater Washington Board of Trade, Jim Dinegar/President & CEO: “We are VERY excited to host the event with Bill Gates Sr. at the end of April. Hooks Book Events is making April a wonderful month because you are bringing us the fabulous Cokie Roberts, too! I still hear good things about our night with the Animal Spirits authors, Nobel Prize Winner George Akerlof and Yale Professor Dr. Bob Shiller. That is the right caliber speaker and, as word spreads, we will drive more and more people to purchase their books and know of your firm. Thanks for this opportunity to work together. I am excited about things.”

Leadership Greater Washington: Timothy Q. Kime, Jr. (’98)/President & CEO: “Wow, wow, wow.   Thank you for making today’s session happen with John Hunter.  He is truly a breath of fresh air and so was engaging.  He truly is changing the world. Walked back from the session to LGW with my head spinning and in the clouds.  As a result, today from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., I have given the directive to our team to be in an “open space.” They are to step away from their computers, phones and to do lists to “be.” No conversations, no to do lists, no tasks.  I look forward to sharing the impact of this time to disconnect and be in that space.  Again, thanks for the inspiration…great job facilitating Jim.  You are remarkable.”

McGarryBowen, DJ Gaffey: “I couldn’t have been more pleased with the level of professionalism from everyone I was in contact with.  You provide excellent service and I can strongly recommend anyone using Hook Book Events in the future.”

MW Marketing, Martha W. McGrath/Principal: “I was introduced to Hooks Book Events by an experienced author and internationally-recognized expert speaker. The consequential partnership that has developed with the HBE team has been beneficial, creative, and enjoyable for me and for my clients, personally and professionally. Why? It’s simple—we have the same goals for event development and delivery–customer service, attendee experience, and successful results. We have collaborated to identify speakers, topics, and books that were selected to increase the educational value and program content for a number of information technology, cybersecurity, and executive management events in the DC area. In addition to timely and reliable service, HBE offers broad knowledge of exciting new publications on a range of subjects, as well as candid feedback on speaker skills and best fit for specific program types and venues. It is my pleasure to rely on their staff expertise and professionalism today and into the future.”

Neustar, David Carson: “Hooks Book Events has been a fantastic strategic partner and resource for increasing our employee morale and total reward offerings. Their authors are engaging, relevant and provide a level of information above and beyond our expectations.”

Newsweek, Evan Thomas/Washington Bureau Chief: “I can’t think of anyone more competent at putting on a book and author event than Perry Hooks. She is resourceful, well-organized, and efficient, and she does it all with good cheer.”

Noblis, H. Gilbert Miller, Ph.D./Chief Technology Officer: “Hooks Book Events identifies and invites potential speakers, then facilitates and executes the event ….We are pleased to be a partner with HBE in delivering a fuel of new ideas and perspectives to the Noblis innovation engine.”

Noblis, Employee: “I was one of the attendees at today’s workshop with Dan Pink.  It was a fantastic experience.  I found it very relevant and useful.  This was the third time I’ve seen him present here, and he outdoes himself every time.   Tech Tuesdays in general is something I really look forward to and, to me, is just one of the many highlights of working at Noblis.  I wanted to express my appreciation for the opportunity to participate in today’s workshop…and also offer a thank you for the Tech Tuesdays author-speaker series in general.  From writers like Dan Pink, to Nassim Taleb, to Daniel Kahneman just last month, and all the others in between…I am literally amazed at the quality and variety of authors you manage to bring in.  I have gotten a lot out of the presentations and try to attend as many of them as I can, not to mention actually reading the books!  Thanks again and enjoy the weekend.”

Premiere Marketing, Josh Smallbone: “Hooks Book Events is there for you when you really need help with your bulk order book sales.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had a last minute bind and they’ve jumped in to help me. They work with several great indie stores and offer incredibly fast responses. The most thorough team I have worked with.”

Princeton University Press, Andrew DeSio/Publicity Manager: “Hooks Book Events is perhaps the best bookselling and author event group in the Washington, DC area. They have arranged numerous events that have greatly increased the visibility of our authors among US Government and business groups. Smart, efficient, dependable and professional, HBE is an innovative company….when planning a book tour through DC, HBE should be your first stop!”

PublicAffairs, Whitney Peeling/Director of Publicity (former): “A day planned by Hooks Book Events is the equivalent of a national media hit. One day in their hands often means hundreds and hundreds (or many more) books sold, and always means a well-planned and well-promoted visit to Washington, DC. Every author should be so lucky as to be awarded a date in their calendar.”

Robin Koval, Author of Grit To Great: “Thank you to Hooks Books for creating the perfect match between author and audience and an event that runs with precision and expertise.  Perry and her team are true pros at everything from booking, organizing and promoting a book event.  In the incredibly complex and chaotic world that exists today for authors seeking to promote a new release, Hooks Books gets it done with excellence and flair.  Bravo!”

The Grameen Foundation, Alex Counts/President: “The Treasury Department event went incredibly well. Thanks on working out such a great event for us.”

Treasury Department, Robert M. Tobiassen/TTB Chief Counsel (former): “As a senior executive in Federal Government, the perfect briefing was hearing the key points from the expert, having the opportunity to ask the expert a few clarifying questions, and taking away a detailed briefing book that provided the full picture. The author presentations organized by Hooks Book Events that I attended at the Treasury Executive Institute always met this same goal. The author was the expert in the field or on the topic, could answer questions succinctly and pointedly, and the book we took with us functioned like the detailed briefing books. The model worked great.”

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour/VAI Consulting and Training, LLC, Author of Zero to Breakthrough: “Transformative. Hooks Book Events creates a space that encompasses innovation, leadership and professionalism all at the same time. It was awesome to work with a team that was getting my book into organizations on a large scale, while also providing the organizations with information or training they might otherwise not have received. HBE creates a win for everyone, every time!”

William D. Eggers, Deloitte Research/Global Director and Author of If We Can Put a Man on the Moon: “I love working with Hooks Book Events. You have created an amazing innovation that connects big thinkers to thousands of people responsible for getting big things done.”

Willis Towers Watson, Jennifer MacLaren: “Hooks Book Events provides the most thought-provoking authors for engaging speaking sessions that leave our event attendees begging for more. We’ve had clients use the content covered in our sessions to bring back big picture strategy ideas to their corporate higher-ups. To boot, Perry’s team is a dream to work with, helping to brainstorm strategy all the way through to covering the smallest of event details. I highly recommend giving Perry a call for your next event!”